GDC 2021, here we go!

For the third consecutive year, I will be participating at the Game Developers Conference thanks to a scholarship by the Latinamerican Videogame Federation! See you there!

Great experience at the BIG Festival!

Thanks to the awards recieved by being chosen as the best game from Latinamerica with “Techsorcist”, we were awarded free entry to the BIG Festival in Brazil, the biggest videogame development event of Latinamerica.

We had several meetings with publishers with Calavera Studio, pitching our still-secret new project to potential publishers with great results. You will hear news about it in the near future!

New Website Design!

After a lot of work, I updated this website to a new design to reflect the new stage in my career and the direction I will be moving forward.

Don’t forget to check out the updated Reels in the Music section!

Techsorcist is finalist on the Game Jam Plus!

The futuristic platform shooter Techsorcist developed by Calavera Studio was chosen as the best game from Latinamerica amongst 50+ competitors and will represent the whole region at the world finals at the BIG Festival in 2021.

Goodbye Bolivia, hello Berlin!

After a lot of consideration, I decided it was time to start a new stage in my career in a much bigger media hub, where I will be able to be more in contact with both the game development and the film industry.

Being Bolivian-German, I chose my grandfather’s homeland, Germany, and more specifically, the culturally rich Berlin, which will be my home for the forseeable future.

Great things await at the other side of the ocean! 🙂

From 38 °C in Santa Cruz to -10 °C in Berlin. This is fine.

Bangers & Mash Released on Steam!

The platform-fighter about brawling potatoes Bangers & Mash just released on Steam!

Go check it out while you enjoy the Irish-inspired soundtrack I created for it with guest appearances of the amazing Kristin Naigus on pennywhistle and Claudio Arduz on violin.

Sonidos del Oriente Boliviano Vol.1 Released!

After a lot of setbacks and delays due to the pandemic, the cultural preservation project Sonidos del Oriente Boliviano was finally released just in time for September 24th, Santa Cruz’s regional holiday!

You can download and listen now to the CD 1 (Folclore) and the CD 2 (Orchestral) for free.


Pandemic Mayhem released! My first solo game!

After several years working behind closed doors on learning Unreal Engine and developing my big top-secret project, I took the oportunity of the pandemic to take a break from it and participate in a Game Jam and create a smaller solo project.

The result is Pandemic Mayhem, a videogame where you fight the pandemic outbreak by controlling an alcohol-powered cloud while banging your head to a rocking and adaptive soundtrack.

Travelling to the Game Developers Conference… AGAIN!

So happy to be chosen for the second year in a row amongs the benefitiaries of the Scholarship by the Latinoamerica Video Games Federation.

GDC, we’ll see each other again on 2020! 🙂


work for it (1)

Winners of the “Emprende Games” competition

With Calavera Studio and the game Ajayu, we won the biggest Game Development competition so far in Bolivia: Emprende Games.

The prize was not only a very juicy monetary award, but also a spot to be on the Indie Prize competition, the first Bolivian game ever to be there!

This competition took place at the ExpoBix in La Paz, during which I was also invited to give a talk on Music/Sound for Videogames.