Travelling to the Game Developers Conference (GDC)!

Thanks to a scholarship awarded by the Latinoamerica Video Games Federation and the Bolivian Videogames Association, I’ll be attending GDC for the first time! I’ll make the most of the opportunity looking for publishers for an un-announced project, as well as meeting international developers and studios. San Francisco, here I go!

Recording and Mixing the XII International Baroque Festival

For the second consecutive time, I’ll be in charge of the live recording and mixing of the XII International Baroque Festival with over 50 recordings in 12 days. The Festival includes artists from 16 countries, including Suono Spirito (Switzerland), Dysonans Choir (Poland), Donizetti Ensemble (Italy), Julliard 415 (USA) and PentAnemos (Germany), amongst others.  

miniDoom 2 released for free on PC!

The day is here! You can download miniDoom 2 for free from What are you waiting for!? Go start killing some demons while headbanging your way through hell!

Happy Cells Soundtrack released!

The Soundtrack of Happy Cells is available on all major online stores and streaming platforms! Go listen to the soundtrack while you wait for the release of the game. Enjoy!